Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sweet(heart) Welcome Sign #SCBH2015

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When I think of Valentine's day, the first thing that comes to my mind is candy hearts and chocolate boxes. What can I say, I love food! But of course, I'm trying to watch what I eat to lose some extra weight, so I won't be enjoying TOO many sweets and treats this Valentine's Day. What I will be enjoying is this sweet heart-shaped welcome sign, reminiscent of everyone's favorite 1,000 calorie box of goodies.

I shared the first part of this project on the Spring Craft Blog Hop, and finished it a few days later. Head on over to the Spring Craft Blog Hop see how I made this Sweet(heart) Welcome Sign.

To finish it so it could be hung up on my door, this is what I did:

Materials needed:
  • Sweet(heart) Welcome Sign - tutorial here
  • X-Acto knife
  • a penny, to trace around
  • 8-10' white tulle ribbon
 - I bought a 25 foot roll of 6-inch wide tulle ribbon for $4.99 at Jo-Ann's Fabrics.
  • 4' red tulle ribbon
 - I found glittery red tulle ribbon for $2.50 at Jo-Ann's Fabrics. The glitter does tend to get everywhere when you are working with it. You can use non-glittery ribbon if you would like.
  • scissors

Create the hole the you will feed the tulle through, trace a penny or other small round object with a dull pencil or red ball-point pen. To make an easy opening in corrugated cardboard, make 4 slices across the circle, like cutting up a pie.

Next, thread your white tulle through 4-5 times. Each loop is about 6- 8 inches long (I just eyeballed them.

Then, wrap the excess ends around the loops. Make sure you go the opposite direction with each side of the loops so you can tie them together at the back. Tie with a tight double knot and trim the ends.

Lastly, tie the red tulle around the top in a bow, and trim ends. To hang on my front door, I used a large decorative Command Hook to hang it. This hook holds up to 5 pounds, so it is perfect for hanging most decorative wreaths without any damage.

Here it is, the finished project. I love how it turned out, and how it is the first thing my husband will see after he gets home from work. I think it is the perfect decoration for Valentine's Day!

Make sure to visit the Spring Craft Blog Hop to see more Valentine's Day decorations, and add your craft links! Link up runs until Feb. 17th.


  1. It looks fabulous hanging on your door. The tulle really sets it off. Just lovely! It still looks like metal with the technique you used! Pinning and tweeting!

    1. Thank you Beverly! It was such a fun project!

  2. Renee - I really love how this turned out. Thanks for sharing. Pinning to my Valentine's board.

  3. This is so cute. Thanks for sharing it on Foodie Friends Friday Linky party and I have shared it on google +

  4. I love that - easy to make and looks like it took forever!! Great way to reuse things that you already have!! :)

  5. I am such a sucker for sweetheart candy and anything that has to do with them! Thank you for linking up for Pinworthy Wednesday!!


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