Friday, July 11, 2014

Farmer's Market Friday #9

Welcome back to Farmer's Market Friday! I hope all of you had a fabulous and safe Fourth of July holiday and are enjoying the summer. So far we have had a hot, dry summer, typical of northern California. My tomatoes are starting to come in, and I have put in a few pumpkin plants in hopes of a fall harvest. My basil has been growing marvelously, despite being ravaged by earwigs twice earlier this spring.

Summer at the Farmer's Market means lots of squash, stone fruits, and berries, plus plenty of tomatoes, corn, and more! Besides the plum jam we've been enjoying, I made a half-dozen jars of pickles to get us through the summer. The Farmer's Markets are bustling and busy this time of year, so be sure to get out and enjoy the local harvest where you live, and thank the farmers that grow the wonderful bounty!

Farmer's Market Friday #9

Features from last week
1. Fresh Fruit Sorbets by Gluten Free A-Z
2. Easy 5-Step Window Box Tutorial by The Little Farm Diary
3. Fresh Peach Sorbet by To Work With My Hands
4. Strawberry Rhubarb Blondies by From Scratch 
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  1. Hi Renee. Glad to be back at the party. Been MIA since I'm trying to do some behind the scenes blog stuff. Would love it if you linked up at Merry Monday on Sunday at 6pm can link this party too.

  2. Hi Renee! Thank you for hosting the party. Look forward to connecting with everyone.
    Have a beautiful weekend :)

  3. How sweet to see my fresh peach sorbet featured here with you Renee! Thanks so much! And thanks for hosting your lovely party each week. Wishing you a beautiful weekend! :)

  4. Just got back from a mini vacation and was delighted to see that you featured my fresh fruit sorbet. Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.


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