Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stitch Fix: February Fix Review and Reveal

It's that time again! My monthly Stitch Fix box arrived on Saturday morning. I tried waiting to open it until the day after Valentine's day, to no avail. That little brown box just tempted me too much! I have a little routine when opening up my Fixes. The interior of the box isn't brown at all, its this white and teal geometric print that's makes you feel like you are getting this exclusive gift. Your 5 items are wrapped in tissue paper, adding to the suspense.
Never heard of Stitch Fix?
Let me break it down for you: After you sign up for Stitch Fix, you choose how frequently you want your shipments (I'm on their monthly plan right now). Then, your stylist picks 5 fashions especially for you, and they get mailed directly to you, to try on in the comfort of your own home with your own wardrobe and accessories. Each piece gets sent with a style card with it, to give you ideas on how to wear it.

How much does it cost?
Stitch Fix tries to send you items in your price range, but the average price per item is $55, according to Stitch Fix. There is a $20 styling fee per delivery, which goes towards the purchase of any of the 5 items in your fix. Also, if you choose to purchase all 5 items, you get a 25% discount on your entire purchase.

This is not a sponsored post. I am not receiving any compensation through Stitch Fix or any other affiliates. All opinions are 100% my own. If you chose to sign up for Stitch Fix using the links in the post, you will be using my referral code, I will get a $25 credit when they send you your first box.

My February Fix

"Hi Renee! Welcome back! I hope you love opening your Fix as much as I loved styling it! Two birthdays are always the perfect excuse to get festive! Unfortunately, we are out of maxi at the moment, but I included this Gilli maxi dress in replace. This dress can be worn casually with some strappy sandals, or dressed up with an eye-catching necklace. Pair the Papermoon blouse with the DL1961 skinny jean for a festive birthday party outfit. Throw on a navy cardigan if you get chilly. The Loveappella top reminds me of the striped shirts I saw while browsing your Pinterest. The last striped piece had thicker stripes, so I thought thinner stripes might be more flattering on you! The Zad necklace is a nice everyday piece that will compliment any outfit! Have fun trying everything on! I look forward to your feedback! XO, Danise"
I love reading the notes that my stylist sends every fix. It really shows that they are putting in the efforts to try to personalize their selections to you. After my January Fix, I had asked for 1) clothes that were kids-party appropriate, 2) a pair of dark jeans, 3) a piece of jewelry and 4) a long skirt. To accommodate three out of 4 requests with only 5 items is pretty great! Danise hit the nail on the head with the first 2 pieces:

Holden Striped Sheer Short-sleeve Blouse - Papermoon ($48)
Landon Skinny Jean - DL1961 ($98) 
Let's talk about this top first: I love the colors, the cut, everything! It is a sheer shirt, so I popped a lace-trimmed white camisole underneath it, but it is lightweight and comfortable, and fun! You can see a bit more of the shoulder detail in the photo below. (Verdict: Keeping)

These jeans only need three words to describe why I liked them: dark, fitted, comfortable. These jeans feature "Instasculpt denim" to give the illusion of skinnier longer legs and a tighter butt (need I say more?). I'm always up for a pair of jeans that make me look like I've instantly lost 15 pounds. (Verdict: Keeping)

Adrianna Circle Bib Necklace -Zad ($34)
I requested a piece of jewelry in this fix, because my current accessory selection is a bit lacking at the moment. I'm so pleased that this the necklace they picked out for me. I actually ended up wearing it all weekend, including on my day-after Valentine's day date with my husband last Sunday. (Verdict: Keeping)
Stanyon V-Neck Knit Top - Loveappella ($58)
I got a Loveappella sweater in my last Fix and loved it, so to see another one, I was thrilled! I think I might be more in love with this sweater that I was with my last one. A+, Danise! The narrow navy stripes don't make me feel "heavy" and I love how the fabric on the sleeve is inversed. It's just really fun (and cozy). Now if the weather would just act like winter for a few more days so I could actually wear it... (Verdict: Keeping)
Jessie Basket Weave Detail Jersey Maxi Dress - Gilli ($74)
This black, maxi-length dress in comfortable jersey is a super fun, versatile dress that I could see myself wearing, if I fit into it better. It shaped along the bust well, and I loved the basketweave detail, but below that, there was nothing redeeming about this dress. Since I'm a bit heavier on my lower half, I didn't like how the dress fit over my muffin-top and hips. (Verdict: Returned)
Sorry for the bad photo- we tried taking shots of this dress twice, but the lighting wouldn't cooperate :/

Now, if you were doing the math for the 4 pieces that I kept, you can see that the total would come out to $238 without the $20 styling credit fee. So I paid $218 for 4 pieces. FYI: if I had chosen to keep the dress, my total still would have only been $219 with the buy 5, additional 25% off, discount!
I'm requesting Danise again in my next fix, so I'm excited in what she selects for March!
Interested in joining Stitch Fix? <-- Use this link and I will get a $25 credit when they send you your first box :)



  1. I am loving the V neck striped cute!!!

    1. Thank you! It is so fun to wear with my purple pants I got in my January fix!

  2. I've never heard of Stitch Fix. What a neat concept! Thanks for sharing it at Totally Terrific Tuesday! #tttparty


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