Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stitch Fix: April Fix Review and Reveal

April is almost over and I don't want to miss sharing my April Stitch Fix Box with you. I received my Stitch Fix box a few weeks ago, but then got swept up in weekend barbecues and other things, so I've had this draft on hold. I got some great pieces this month and could have easily kept the entire fix (and used the 25% off discount). I've been using Stitch Fix as a styling service since December, and I've gotten some classic versatile pieces to add to my wardrobe, without having to tow a three year old with me to the mall.

Haven't heard of Stitch Fix before? Stitch Fix is an innovative styling service that pairs real stylists with online clients, sending you 5 handpicked pieces each Fix that your stylist thinks you will love. You fill out a style profile online, and provide detailed feedback for each piece you are sent, whether you chose to keep it or return it. With each fix, your stylist learns a little bit more about you to tailor-make your fixes to fit your style.

Stitch Fix April Review and Reveal at Creative Mama Messy House
**This review is in full 100% my own opinion. I am writing this review out of personal interest only, and I'm in no way being compensated by Stitch Fix, or any other third party. That said, if you choose to sign up for your own Stitch Fix deliveries using the links provided on this site, you will be using my referral code. What does that mean: You will still pay the same price for your fixes, but I will receive a $25 credit when your first fix ships.**

I've had Danise style my fixes since February, and I love the styles she picks for me (even though they might not all fit). She is very keen to check the styles I'm pinning on my Stitch Fix Style board and reading my feedback from previous fixes. I like that she challenges my style palette with pieces that I would not necessarily pick for myself. While this month's fix was not as successful as some of the others I've had, I did have a ton of fun and loved the excitement of it!

Onto the pieces that I received in my April Stitch Fix Box

Oh My Polka Dots! Look retro-chic in a black and white tie-waist polka dot top. Brook Dot Print top by Pixley
Brook Dot Print Tie-Waist Top - Pixley ($44)
(Verdict: Returned)
This polka-dot top is totally retro! I've been loving polka dots lately, and who doesn't love a great black and white geometrical pattern? Paired with a fluorescent colored accent and you have a summer ensemble. This top was a little too sheer for me, which you can notice by looking at the pocket. Also, the armholes were huge, and it just felt baggy on the top half because of the large armholes. I hope my stylist sends me more polka dots though!
Perfect for spring and summer! Diaz Embroidery and Crochet cotton top by Brixon Ivy. April Stitch Fix Review
Delicate details and a sweet statement necklace, perfect for a romantic summer look. Leilani Necklace and Diaz Embroidery and Crochet Detail Top. April Stitch Fix review.
Diaz Embroidery & Crochet Detail Cotton Top - BRIXON IVY ($74)
(Verdict: Returned)
This top is light and romantic, perfect for a breezy summer afternoon. I'm always wary when it comes to white clothing though, and especially white clothing that costs almost $75 dollars! I imagine sipping Pinot Grigio and nibbling on cheese and berries on the patio in this top.
For the price, I just couldn't afford this top, so I returned it. And I'm glad I did, because it turns out that my mom has one very similar.
Pastel colors and crystals look romantic for summer. Leilani Statement necklace, Bay to Baubles. April Stitch Fix review
Leilani Statement Necklace - Bay to Baubles ($34)
(Verdict: Returned)
If I decided to keep either of the crochet detail tops, I would have kept this necklace. I liked the antique gold finish and the subtle bling it brought to those tops, but with my current wardrobe, I prefer either all metal or something with bright colors.
My summer BBQ dress, I love a great striped maxi! Pair with a bright sweater for when the sun goes down. Cheli Striped Maxi Dress, April Stitch Fix review
Navy and White striped maxi dress for spring-fall. Love how easy it is to wear! Cheli Striped Maxi dress from Renee C, April Stitch Fix review
Cheli Striped Maxi Dress - Renee C ($68)
(Verdict: Kept!)
This was the one keeper in the entire box, and of course its another striped piece. I've already worn this dress to a barbecue and it is so comfortable! With my stylist's suggestion, I paired it with the coral cardigan I got in my March fix and the necklace I got in my February fix.
Pretty pastels for Spring! Tavek Crochet Bib Blouse and Leilani Statement Necklace, April Stitch Fix review.
Pretty color, pretty details in this mint green A-line tank. Tavek Crochet Bib Blouse, April Stitch Fix review.
Tavek Crochet Bib Blouse - Fun2Fun ($38)
(Verdict: Returned)
This top, oh, how I loved this top! The color, the crochet detailing, the fun split back were just some of the things I loved about this top... until I tried it on. My big chest strikes again! The A-line top did not fit over my bust and instead created a uni-boob. Blah, nobody wants to see that. I guess that's why its so important to try every piece on, love it or hate it. Maybe I'll be able to find a similar top that fits, or maybe I'll get one in a future fix!
Even though I only kept one piece this month, it was worth it. With my styling credit, the dress I kept was a little over $50, including tax and it is so versatile, I know I'll be wearing it throughout the summer and into fall. Stay tuned for what next month's box has for me (scheduled to arrive mid-May)!
Loved the pieces I received? Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself? Consider using my referral link and I'll receive a $25 dollar credit to feed my addiction when your first box ships.


  1. I love the stripped dress you kept, especially with the cardigan!! It looks so pretty on your girl! :)


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