Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blogging Goals Redefined, and an Updated Spring Chalkboard

Today, I'm bringing you a quick update of an upcycled craft. Part of my goals from my Blogging Staycation was to update and revive some of my old content along with adding in some new content. What us a Blog Staycation you might ask? Bloggers Jen of JENerally Informed, Trish of The Trish List, and Julie of Girl on the Move brought a group of bloggers together with a common goal of moving their blogs to the next level. They created a Facebook group, hosted chats on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #BlogStaycation, and sent out informative newsletters each day of the Staycation.

Because of the Staycation, I was able to connect with new bloggers and moms, and make a few new virtual friendships. With the help of tutorials from Kristie from Blog Ambitions, I was able to set up Google Analytics properly to finally track my numbers correctly.

Here's a few of my blogging goals to accomplish for the remainder of 2015:
  • Update and revive old content
  • Incorporating more guest posts
  • Incorporate more lifestyle posts
  • Utilizing my editorial calendar to its fullest and creating content to get ahead.
  • Monetizing: signing up for a campaign
  • Getting my newsletter set up and gaining subscribers
  • Moving from Blogger to a self-hosted site

An updated look at an Upcycled Spring Chalkboard. A quick 10 minute craft
You may remember my Spring Chalkboard that I created last year using some upcycled materials and a bit of chalkboard paint. It happens to be one of my most viewed posts, and I love it. It matches the décor in my kitchen, so I put it up each year. I wanted to freshen it up this year, making it bolder and a few sparkles. Everything is better with sparkles!

To track back, here was the finished project, originally:

It all started with this harmless, old wooden frame with a mirror in the middle. Simple, and functional.

But it had absolutely no way to hang it, so I came up with a solution:

Hello 2015! The extra paint brings this from dab to fab! The pastel lettering shines from across the room, and don't forget the pretty pink sparkles.

Update an old project with new paint, and make it shine. Kind of like my blogging goals thanks to the Blog Staycation.

Sparkle and Shine! A updated look for an upcycled project. Spring Chalkboard, perfect for the season.
The updated project cost me nothing to make, and I could finish it in between projects of a busy afternoon. Crafting time is precious around here these days with a very active three year old, and naps are scarce.
How do you accommodate your crafting bug? What are some of your best tips to work from home with small children around?


  1. This is really cute, Renee. The sparkles set it off! It sounds like your blogging staycation was very productive! I hope you reach all the goals you've set! I keep thinking I should set some blogging goals and get a little more organized. I've procrastinated!

  2. Renee, I love your list of blogging goals -- I think I may hijack some of yours and add them to my list! ;-) Good luck reaching them in 2015! And I love your spring chalkboard; it is adorable!

    1. I had to just stop writing them, there is so much to learn blogging, and only so much time to get stuff done. Feel free to hijack away!

  3. This is super cute!! Congratulations on all you accomplished during the Staycation! I am so glad we met and I am your newest follower everywhere :)

  4. Love your redo and your blog staycation is something I need to do :-)

    1. I definitely recommend checking out this group for bloggers needing a little motivation for blog housekeeping. Be sure to check the links above to sign up for Blog Staycation updates. I think they are planning on hosting another session over the summer!

  5. Congrats on getting so much done during the Staycation - isn't it awesome? The blog is looking great, by the way!


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