Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Gift for Pony Club and free printable

I know I said that I would show you my kitchen window herb garden, but it was raining and I really wanted to create a tutorial for making over some flower pots as well as planting a few new herbs in said pots. So instead I did an indoor activity today and created my first printable.

These words were spoken to me once at a Pony Club Championships in 2010 and they have managed to stick with me. So, to give back, I created this print for my former Pony Club chapter, in their colors. I plan on printing it out in cardstock and frame it to hang in the barn.

Pony Club is a youth organization that teaches leadership, confidence, and a sense of community through riding and horsemanship. I first joined Pony Club at age 14, and continue to participate in my club through volunteering. To learn more about Pony Club, visit

For the free printable click here. Feel free to share these words of encouragement with anyone who might need it!

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