Friday, February 28, 2014

February Wrap-Up and Recap

As my first month with Creative Mama, Messy House comes to a close, I look back on what I have done this month, and look ahead to what I hope to accomplish. March is looking promising, you can expect more recipes, new crafts to celebrate St. Patrick's day, and more gardening. All my children have March birthdays, so there is that, as well!
I started writing CMMH during our first good rain storm of the year, spending an afternoon baking with my son
I started to organize my kitchen, starting with the message station. In March, I hope to reveal more!
I tried my hand with creating an inspiring printable.
We celebrated Valentine's Day. I crafted conversation hearts out of paper, and created a few activities to go with them.
I got my garden off to a good start, adding spring vegetables and herbs, and drafting plans for more raised beds.
I started my 5 Tips, 20 Minutes series
Solve Dinner Dilemmas
Build a Better Burger

The recipes I share this month

The more I blog and learn from this experience, the more I improve and the better my blog will be. I appreciate any comments or feedback you might have for me. I love seeing your creativity, as well, find me on Instagram (@CreativeMamaMessyHouse), Twitter (@CreativeMama_RC), or Pinterest.

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