Monday, April 21, 2014

Why I Failed Easter 2014 as a Blogger

Easter has come and went, and my Easter crafts are still sitting in piles among the house. My mantle is still a scattered mess of toddler "don't-touch-pleases" and my blog is void of entries tagged with Easter. April has brought with it the terrible twos, and so my crafty side has slipped into a medically induced coma until S-Bug's two-year molars come in.

I did create amazing ├ęclairs using Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery cookbook but of course forgot to document the finished product at Grandma's house yesterday. My sister can testify that they were delicious! I created an orange-vanilla pastry cream to fill them, and coated the top with dark chocolate ganache, just like my culinary school's pastry instructor showed us. I guess I will be making them again so I can document them in all their beautiful glory!

I started to create my Easter Egg tree, but never had time to finish so I guess it will wait until next year for completion. I did dye some eggs using silk ties following the tutorial over at Make It or Fix It Yourself. I used blown eggs and added thin ribbon to create ornaments that will keep for many years.
I am hoping that as another year passes, I can start getting S-Bug more involved in some more holiday crafts that I can display around the house.
While I was out on Saturday (shopping for Twenty Dollar Thursdays), I picked up these cute bunnies and this bottle with a bird topper at a local gift shop for $10 each. They will be making an appearance on my mantle for next Easter!

In all honestly, I believe that what truly matters is that my family can remember Easter as a time that is spent together, not about the crafts, recipes, or blog content that did or did not get added in a timely fashion. As a wife and mother, I passed Easter with flying colors! My kids got to spend time at my family's ranch while we ate and drank to our heart's fill. My brother-in-law showed off his racecar, while I showed off our wedding photos. We had four generations under one roof, from age 2 to 90. Easter is a holiday for family, and that is what we did.


  1. Lol I think we have all had those holidays or weekends. SOmetimes you just have to stop and smell the roses.

  2. Haha...I love posts like this. :) Good for you!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  3. We're not Christian, so Easter was just any other Sunday for us. St. Patrick's Day & Valentine's Day was the same. And we've never been all that into doing crafts anyway - with how busy we are, we're lucky if we even eat 3 times a day lol.

    I kinda of dread holidays now that I'm a blogger, because I know I'm going to see nothing but [upcoming Holiday] all over my social media and I get to the point where I don't even want to open G+ because I know I'm going to see yet another freaking heart/green/egg/patriotic/Santa craft and just NO. So I say thank you for not adding to my overwhelming urge to forgo social media save for the like two safe months of the year :)

  4. I love this post! I totally failed as a blogger this Easter too. I did manage to dye eggs with my 3 children but that was it! I am starting to think the trick to holiday blogging is to do Easter crafts/recipes now (one week after Easter) then post then next year!

    ~ Ashley

  5. I call Easter a win for you then! You kept your priorities straight, which is hard to do when Pinterest has such cute Easter crafts.

    Thanks for sharing on Hump Day Happenings!

  6. I love it!!! I feel this way all the time. Pinned! Thanks so much for sharing at Lou Lou Girls!!! Please stop by this Tuesday, we love to see what you have been up to. Lou Lou Girls

  7. I think this is a great post - and no you didn't fail! I think as bloggers we are all trying to keep up, and 'do' each holiday. But sometimes you just need to know?! We are dealing with molars too...hugs and good luck!

  8. I hear ya! Sometimes I feel like I need to do something on my blog for each holiday but then you realize it's just not that important. As long as you're happy about what you're writing - and happy that you got to spend time with your family - it's ok to skip a holiday here and there. The world is still turning :)


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