Saturday, March 8, 2014

My top 5 (non-cookware) kitchen must haves

Part of making my kitchen a sanctuary and making cooking an enjoyable experience is the added touches that I have included in my kitchen. All of these are in the recess behind my kitchen, where I am lucky enough to have a fabulous window which lets in plenty of light and fresh air, perfect for keeping potted plants, so let's jump right in!

1. Window herb garden

Having herbs within reach of my stove makes cooking healthy dinners a snap. I can snip a sprig or two without having to head outside, which is extremely helpful when it is wet or muddy or dark out since I don't have hardscaping or very good outdoor lighting. When they outgrow the pots, I can plant them in my backyard garden. I also store my garden shears on the shelf above, so I always know where they are when heading to the garden.


2. Candles

I'm a sucker for a pretty candle, especially if it smells good. While I don't like to burn scented candles while cooking or eating, I do like to light it while I am washing dishes or in the evening, for ambiance. My elephant pot usually acts as my wedding ring holder while washing the dishes, but it holds a tea light rather well, too!



3 (and 4). Hand soap and lotion

I often suffer from dry skin, especially in the winter. By keeping some near the sink, I can easily slather some on after washing dishes. I prefer to have a separate hand soap from the more concentrated dish soap. I love a light citrus-y scented hand soap and lotion, especially when working with "smelly" ingredients.

5. Blinds

My kitchen faces the setting sun, so it gets extremely warm, even without the oven on. The last few hours of daylight are blindingly bright, which of course are the hours when I am trying to get dinner prepped and cooked. I love my cordless blinds, they have such a streamlined look. They also double as cover to hide my extra decorative vases and bowls, which I store on the shelf above the sink.

So tell me, what are some of your favorite extras in your kitchen?

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