Friday, May 9, 2014

Farmer's Market Friday (with new Link Up) #1

Welcome to Farmer's Market Friday. I took the same principles as Twenty Dollar Thursday, and added a twist, a link up party for you! Now that the nights are getting longer, our seasonal Thursday night farmer's market has opened and is in full swing through October, I needed to move my Farmer's Market segment to Fridays. I will still be budgeting $20 a week in market goodies, with a few "splurge items" here and there! I believe that shopping directly from the farmers and artisans is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, while getting high-quality goods from local sources.

It was another successful week shopping at the farmer's market. I added the extra four dollars that I didn't spend last week to this week's shopping trip, giving me $24 dollars to spend. Since Mother's Day is Sunday, I picked up the larger container of blueberries and a few more vegetables to include in my brunch selections. Our abnormally dry springtime that followed the mildest winter I have ever experienced meant that summer produce is already upon us. Stone fruits and tomatoes are starting to make an appearance, while cherry season will be cut short this year, due to the drought.

The Breakdown
Leeks $2 (Nunez Farms, organic)
Broccoli $2 (Nunez Farms, organic)
Rainbow Chard $2 (Nunez Farms, organic)
   <<These ladies run a special where they will sell you 3 bunches of produce for $5>>
Asparagus $3.50 (Checchini and Checchini)

Tomatoes $2 per pound (Resendiz Farms)
Apricots $2 per pound (Resendiz Farms)
   <<I spent $7.50 here, buying about a pound of tomatoes and a few pounds of apricots>>
Blueberries $8 per pint (Alpine Blue Farms)

In addition to the produce acquired from the farmer's market, I have also harvested beets and red onions out of my vegetable garden at home. As I was shopping the farmer's market, I was menu planning in my head, and planning recipes to show off the produce that  picked up. I had a game plan before buying some things, like the blueberries and tomatoes, but then the rest of the produce I picked up based on what was available and looked good.

My Plan

Fresh Pico de Gallo salsa for burritos
-tomatoes and red onion
Beet and Blueberry salad for Mother's Day Brunch
-blueberries and beets
Leek, Pancetta, and Gruyere frittata for Mother's Day brunch
-leeks, eggs (from last week)
Dijon Chicken with Apricot Compote

I'm still up in the air about what to do with the rainbow chard and asparagus, so I'm taking suggestions. Do you have any ideas?

Now let's get to the link up, shall we? While farmer's market recipes are encouraged, feel free to link up any of your recipes, crafts, DIY/d├ęcor posts, etc... The top links will be featured in next week's Farmer's Market Friday post.


  1. This is a brilliant idea Renee!!!

  2. This great! I am heading to mine for the first time tomorrow! I cant wait to link up!

  3. Hi Renee, I'm new to your blog and party. Thanks so much for hosting and following on G+/Twitter. Would love if you share some of your posts on the Merry Monday Linky Party too.

    1. Thanks for linking up! Added a couple of my posts to your party this week!

  4. I absolutely love going to the Farmer's Market - it's always on my weekly to-do list with my baby and husband. Love seeing all that you got, and for such great prices! And how neat to see what you're going to do with everything. YUM!

    1. It has been one of my favorite ways to save money! Heading to the farmer's market encourages me to make more vegetable-centric dishes, which is also friendly on the waistline.


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