Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rainbow Potato Stamping

We are taking advantage of all the sunshine we are getting by crafting outdoors! While the east coast is covered in snow, we are romping about in tees and shorts, soaking up vitamin D and getting our fingers dirty making potato prints. This art project is perfect for learning about color blending and easy for small kids to do because halved potatoes provide excellent grip for small hands.

Create rainbow art using primary colored paints and potatoes. Great art and learning activity for children!
I think its pretty obvious with my rainbow-themed projects this year, that I miss the rain! We have gotten 5 days of rain in the whole of 2015 so far, and this winter has felt more like an extended spring. I swear I'm going to sound like a weather nerd in the next statement, but I jump for joy anytime there is rain predicted in our forecast (and I get mad at the meteorologists when they are wrong).

Anyway, enough weather woes, whether (hey, see what I did there...) we are complaining that it is too hot, too cold, too dry, too frozen... Lets get on to the project!

Stamping with Potatoes using primary colored paints create beautiful rainbow effects - a great project for young children!

Rainbow Potato Stamping

What you will need
  • 1-2 potatoes, cut in half
  • Tempera or other washable paint in red, yellow, and blue
  • Something to contain the paint: paper plate, pie pan, etc...
  • Craft paper
  • Optional: small knife for carving
As with any craft project involving small children and paint, smock up and protect your surfaces. We did this outdoors on the kid-sized picnic table, so I wasn't too worried about paint getting on surfaces. If you are doing this indoors, cover a table with a plastic tablecloth or shower curtain (stock up at the dollar store!) You can have a paint smock for your kids, or just put them in old "ok to get dirty" clothing.

Dip Halved Potatoes in red, blue, and yellow paint to create rainbow stamps - Great St. Patrick's Day activity for kids!

Let your child experiment with the spuds, letting them paint, stamp, and create designs. See what happens when the there is a lot of paint on the potato, versus a little paint. What happens with you move the potato side by side instead of stamping up and down? Grab a stamp yourself and get into the project with your kids. Chances are high that they will mimic what you are doing.

Part of this project was an exercise in color mixing, so don't stress if the paint colors mix together! As the project progressed, the paint will start to swirl together to create rainbow effects. If the colors get too muddy, start over with a fresh tray of paint.

Carve shapes and designs from potatoes to create unique stamps!
Add to the fun: carve shapes or designs out of the flat sides of the potatoes. Big Brother got in on the fun, carving out a smiley face to stamp with. It took a few trials before he finally got it to work!

Have you tried Potato Stamping with your kids?

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  1. Thanks for the idea. This will be fun to do with my grandkids!

  2. What a fun idea! I've never seen this before.

  3. Wow this turned out so cool! It's really pretty!!

  4. Fun and simple! We will add this to our project list.

  5. So fun!!! Great outside activity! I'm now going to check out your marble painting idea. that looks super fun too!!!


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