Friday, June 6, 2014

Farmer's Market Friday #5

Welcome back to the first June edition of Farmer's Market Friday. May breezed past and we are in the middle of finishing up the school year for the kids. My stepdaughter is already out and my stepson graduated from 8th grade on Tuesday. I can't believe he will be going into high school next year, oh my! I know I often share a bunch of mouth-watering photos of fresh produce, but with everything going on, it totally skipped my mind! I'll still breakdown my finds for you though.

The Breakdown
Corn $3
The first of the season at the market! I picked up 9 ears for $3. Yup, 3 ears for a dollar, best deal around!
Green Beans $2
Picked up a pound and a half for this price from the same stand as the corn!
Rainbow Chard $2
*Broccoli $3
*Green Onions $0.50
*Yellow Nectarines $4.50
So sweet and delicious! Picked up about a pound and a half.
*Eggs $7
My trusted egg vendor was so close to being out when I got there, but still nabbed the best deal in town for organic eggs!

Produce marked with an asterisk (*) was certified organic. While I try to provide my family with organic produce, local produce is more important to me, as is buying it directly from the farmers who grow it!
I posted my meal plan on Monday for those interested. Check it out!

Features From Last Week
from Felt With Love Designs
 Get ready for summer with these sewing projects perfect for heading to the beach or pool, or just out to the park for a picnic. Most of these have tutorials or patterns, to help you out!
from Eliza Ellis
 If your like me, you need help organizing your cleaning routine so it actually gets done! She outlines her methods for keeping a clean house, and offers printable organizers in purple and green! This weekend I will be on a mission to map out a cleaning schedule. That way the teenagers will know exactly what is expected of them each day (and hopefully that will reduce the amount of chore-fights we have!).
from My Pinterventures

If you are like me, you haven't thought about Father's Day yet, even though it is right around the corner. And when your husband's birthday falls in the same week as Father's Day, you need to plan double! She has put together a great list of gifts that Dad just might enjoy, especially if he is hard to shop for, like most men I know!
from Snapshots and Snippets
Amber over at Snapshots and Snippets is always sharing great recipes on Farmer's Market Friday! This week, her fish pie is no exception! A comforting casserole of flaky fish and vegetables, topped with a golden brown layer of mashed potatoes would warm up anyone's soul! For the pescatarians in my life, this will be a perfect swap for that other well-known dish topped with potatoes!

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  1. I have to say I have just realised how darn lucky I am that I can get 18 Free Range Eggs at my local farmers market shop for €1.99 I feel so bad for the farmer they are for nothing really - mind you I used to get them free from my daughter's riding school they used to come home in her riding hat :) Thank you so much for the feature Renee I love that recipe and thanks for hosting as always.

  2. Thank you for featuring my Father's Day Fun Facts and Gift Ideas. Always a fun link up. Thanks for hosting and have a super weekend.

    1. Glad you enjoy it! Now to keep getting the word out to get more people linking up!

  3. Thank you for featuring our sewing round-up!! I finally found some time to link-up. This weekend has been busy busy!!


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