Monday, June 9, 2014

Meal Plan Monday #2

My meal plan was so helpful last week, even though I did stray a bit Friday-Sunday. Sometimes the call of hot dogs and baked beans overwhelms the desire to do the dishes, what can I say? But I persevered and wrote up a plan for this week, after a large iced coffee to clear the heat-induced fog in my brain. Come take a look at this week's meal plan below!

We're finally in summer mode! Today is the last full day of 8th grade for my stepson, and tomorrow is his promotion ceremony. We had our first near triple-digit day yesterday, so I have grilling on the brain! I know in a lot of families it's the guys that grill, but not in mine! My dad taught me the basics of grilling, so I'm the one who "mans" the grill at home. What's the grilling situation look like in your household?

It's too hot to cook indoors! Chicken drumsticks on the grill and cold potato salad. A crisp green salad will make sure we get some veggies in.

Eat out with the Graduate! The promotion ceremony is at 7:30, so it'll be a late dinner (our usual dinner time is 7). Feed the kids a hearty snack at 5:30 to tide them over.

Let's start summer vacation right with salmon, vegetables, and brown rice! My kids will always eat broccoli, so we'll include that. Do your kids have a vegetable that they surprisingly like?

Spaghetti and Meatballs with garlic knots. Ice-box rolls are a great way to easily have fresh bread throughout the week. You make the dough the night before, and have enough for 3 nights of rolls, twists, or pull aparts.

Bust out the grill for the weekend! Kielbasa skewers and grilled vegetables. I will bake off more ice-box rolls for build it yourself kielbasa sliders.

Heading to the Farmer's Market first thing in the morning. My mom suggested grilled fish tacos, which would definitely fit in with my grilling theme! Fresh salsas are a great alternative to mayonnaise-based sauces commonly found with fish tacos.

Father's Day means more grilling, this time some of my husband's favorites. Steaks and corn on the cob on the grill, plus seasonal sides like this panzanella salad, from The Complete Savorist.

I'd love to hear what you are cooking for your family this week! What meal you are looking forward to most this week?

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