Friday, June 27, 2014

Farmer's Market Friday #8

Welcome to the last Farmer's Market Friday for the month of June! I want to thank all of you that added links to the party for the past 8 weeks. I hope you found some great new recipes and crafts over these past 8 weeks, and met a few new bloggers to follow.

Summer is an full swing here, and for the first time in many months, I have not visited my farmer's market this week. Preposterous, you say? Maybe. Until I tell you this:
My plum tree has graced up with at least 20 pounds of plums that I have been trying to find ways to use them up.
I made my first batch of plum jam this past weekend, plus I used some of the leftover plum puree in a barbeque sauce (which was excellent, by the way). I have a cobbler and a tart I plan to make over the weekend to utilize more plums. I am having a plum and stone party over on my Facebook page though the weekend, to find more excellent recipes to use these gorgeous jewels that I paid absolutely nothing for.

Now, onto the link-up!

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My kids love helping me make our own popsicles over the summer months! I love the idea of adding yogurt and fresh fruit, to get a whole lot of nutrition into the kiddos disguised as a fun treat.
To Work with My Hands

Yogurt seems to be the theme of the week! Karen took a trip to the blueberry farm and came back with 6 gallons of fresh blueberries. These blueberry granola yogurt cups look like a fabulous breakfast or late night snack.


  1. Thank you Renee for hosting and for featuring my blueberry yogurt cups. I think yogurt was on our minds last week! :)

    Oh, I'm envious of those plums! We planted plum trees and had to move the very year they were to being producing! Maybe the current residents are enjoying them. :) I did get some plums from the farmer's market a few years before that though and made some homemade jam - WOW! It was so good, and didn't last long. I hope you post some pics of your jam soon.
    Thanks for the party. Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. Yes I will be getting a post up soon, I hope. They make a beautiful blood-fuchsia colored jam, and I can't wait to see what the jelly will be like. It was fabulous on my English muffin this morning!


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