Monday, June 2, 2014

Meal Plan Monday- How is it June already?

I hope you had a great weekend! I spent the weekend running errands and catching up on housework. I picked up my produce for this week's Farmer's Market Friday at the Brentwood Farmer's Market on Saturday. If you haven't linked up to Farmer's Market Friday yet, there is still time! Party closes at 5 PM PST on Wednesday.

We have one more week of school for my teenage son, but it involves mostly 8th grade activities (field trips and the typical last week of school fun). I am so ready to have my daughter fly back to California for the summer, she lives with her mom in Louisiana most of the time. This week we have a visit to the dentist for our bi-annual cleaning, lets hope for zero cavities!

This week I'm cleaning out the fridge, utilizing leftovers from the weekend and the produce that I just picked up. My grocery list is already written, and I can get away with checking out through the express lane this week!

We're off to the dentist after school. that means we will be having Crock-Pot BBQ Chicken from Oatmeal Smiles. I will be serving this with a corn-nectarine salsa and steamed green beans.

I need to pick up eggs from the farmer's market, and then I will be making my Swiss chard and sweet potato frittata. Since I will miss Meatless Monday, we will be having Meatless Tuesday instead.

Using up leftover carnitas for Carnitas Quesadillas. If you need an easy crock-pot carnitas recipes, check out Jonesin' For Taste's Pineapple Pork Carnitas. Will be rounding out the meal with a green salad and fruit.

More leftovers! This time I will be making Broccoli Beef using leftover tri-tip. I have to figure out how to make it without the oyster sauce (or with a vegetarian oyster sauce).

Sometime during the week I need to make chicken stock to utilize the chicken bones that are piling up in my freezer. I will be making some kind of corn soup for Friday, to utilize all this corn I bought. I'm thinking a spicy corn bisque served chilled with shrimp and avocado sounds really tempting, especially since the weather is supposed to be up in the 90s!

Pizza night or eat out!

If the weather is nice, we will probably invite some friends over and grill out and chill. Chicken and kielbasa, probably, with veggies and potatoes.

What do you plans look like for dinner this week? Kids out of school yet, or still stuck for another week?


  1. Schools out for Summer here in Ireland - my youngest is home ( gosh you can tell by the mess !! ) and my eldest was home from college but we just took her to the airport this weekend as she is working the summer in England so menu planning Monday went out the window - I am fascinated by your corn-nectarine salsa it sounds delicious :)

    1. Basically I replace the tomato with nectarines and fresh corn, then add red onion, serrano peppers (or jalapenos), red bell pepper, and lime juice. You can also add cilantro (fresh coriander) if you like!

  2. Last week of school for my teenager and my homeschooler. Since, my teenager only has to go to school to take tests, it will be a short week for us. Meal planning is nearly impossible since I have to prepare for my homeschool meeting. Mostly sandwiches and let-them-fend-for-themselves kind of week. Yay!!! School is almost over....

    1. Lunches are definitely fend-for-yourself for my teenagers. They always complain they are hungry with a fridge full of food!

  3. Sounds de-lish! Since we have been sick no one has been eating and I neglected my meal plan this week. Hoping to get back on track...but in the meantime I'll steal from yours!

    1. Yes, go ahead! Sorry to hear your family has been sick, no fun at all!


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