Friday, June 13, 2014

Farmer's Market Friday #6

It's finally Friday again, and you know what that means: Farmer's Market Friday link party time, yay! I love being inspired from your recipes, crafts, and ideas each week, and seeing what you have been up to. Summer such a great time of year for being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air, so why not head to your local farmer's market or farm stand and admire some of the freshest produce you have seen? While you are there, pick some of it up and take it home for dinner. Make that dessert that you've been waiting to try, and top it with the freshest berries you have ever tasted. And most importantly, remember to thank the farmers that grew the food. The farmers that I have met at the farmer's markets have been some of the friendliest, down-to-earth people I have had the pleasure in talking with, and in this fast-paced age, I would hate to lose them to "big food".

I rushed to the farmer's market this week to shop before having to rush back to pick up my son from his last day of junior high. I shopped for a few things, but didn't stop to track how much I spent, but I know it was under $30 because I had cash on me when I left. I picked up a flat of organic eggs, organic zucchini and summer squash, two types of cherries and a loaf of artisanal olive bread.

Local Brentwood Cherries
Cherry season is coming to a close, so I wanted to pick up enough cherries to make my Cherry-Cardamom Ice Cream for you guys (post coming soon). I am still taking submissions for my Cherry Recipe Round-Up for the end of the month. Please submit any recipes that feature cherries by June 19th via email (email button in the sidebar). I would love to have a few recipes on there that utilize cherries in any savory or unique ways. I will be borrowing one picture and posting the link to your recipe on my round-up, with proper credit to you.

Features From Last Week

from Melissa over at How Does Your Garden Grow?
Melissa's family runs Russo's Fruit and Vegetable Farm in New Jersey and has been featured on Farmer's Market Friday before. She got me this time with these strawberry cheesecake parfaits. A no-fuss dessert with all the cheesecake flavor without all the work of making an actual cheesecake, and a perfect use of the season's finest strawberries! How delicious do these look?

by To Work With My Hands
You are never to old to learn and you are never too old to try something new! Like me, Swiss Chard was a vegetable she never ate growing up. Cooked greens were just something we didn't eat growing up. Karen took the plunge and not only cooked Swiss Chard for the first time, but cooked her own chard that she grew in her garden. How awesome is that?
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  1. Thanks for hosting Renee and thank you for featuring my Swiss chard post. Have a beautiful weekend!


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