Monday, February 23, 2015

Meal Plan Monday - February #4

Some weeks are better than others when it comes to meal planning. We had a sick toddler all week, so going out was limited. A kid with a cold usually means a mom with a cold by the end of the week, and sure enough, by Thursday I was down for the count. That meant that by the time we were out of groceries (I shop Fridays) I was done cooking for the week. Thankfully, between leftovers and pizza on Saturday, we had enough for dinners to get us through the weekend. I'm totally bummed that I didn't get to try the lamb chops or the pork stew from last week's plan, but I have plans to try them in the future.

This week, the keywords for our meal plan is simple and kid-friendly, while still being somewhat healthy. The toddler and I haven't been eating much because nothing tastes good with a stuffy nose. Eating less isn't a problem for me, but for an active kid like mine, who has always been slim and on the underweight side (according to all the pediatric charts), it is frustrating. I'm hoping these dinners will tempt his taste buds, since I know that these are dishes that have been successful in the past.

Creamy Alfredo pasta with peas
Steamed broccoli
This easy meatless pasta is a winner with my picky toddler, and broccoli is a favorite vegetable for the kids, especially if a little extra Alfredo sauce gets poured over top. When I'm feeling a little better, I would love to try this Vegan Pasta Alfredo by Simple Vegan Blog for a healthier, dairy-free option.

Sweet and Sour Meatballs from Jonesin' For Taste
This is a tried-and-true favorite of the kiddos, and I can hide some veggies inside the turkey meatballs to keep them juicy and moist. Serve these over brown rice and a few extra green veggies and everyone is happy!

Herb and Citrus Oven Roasted Chicken from The Comfort of Cooking
Roasted potatoes 'n veggies
What is better than roast chicken and veggies on an early spring night? The oven does most the work in this dinner, making everything crispy and delicious!

Roasted Vegetable Frittata
Spinach salad
Using any leftover roasted veggies from the night before (and anything else I can find in the fridge) go into a quick egg frittata for a hearty-but-healthy dinner. Round it out with a spinach salad (yes, my kids will eat raw baby spinach) filled with citrus, dried cranberries, and bacon to add some greens to the meal.

Slow-Cooker Spicy Pork Green Chile Stew from A Dish of Daily Life
Trying this recipe this weekend, finally! This stew looks so hearty and I'm thinking any leftover pork can be put into tacos the next day.

Wild Card Night (Leftovers!)
Cleaning out the fridge and having a leftovers night. Thinking that between Wednesday's roast chicken and Friday's stew we will be able to have a taco bar night. Put out bowls of toppings and let everyone customize dinner.

Birthday Dinner for the Birthday Boy!
I am trying to make plans for a fun family outing on Sunday, so dinner looks like it will be out wherever we end up.

I'm hoping by the end of the week we will all be feeling back to normal. It's only been 5 days with this cold and I'm sick of it already! What are some of your favorite foods to enjoy when you are feeling under the weather?


  1. P.S. Tried the salsa over baked salmon! A definite hit and great as leftovers.

    1. Glad you liked the mango salsa! Did you end up using cilantro in it?


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